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About Us

Udan is community based non-governmental organization operational since last 5 years. In year 2013, it was registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act, 1973 (Society Registration Number-10790). Udan has been presently implementing programs for girls’ education and addressing sexual violence against adolescent girls in Bediya and Bachada Communities and children of Manual Scavenger and bounded labour.

Udan Women Empowerment Welfare Society was founded by liberated caste based sex workers and manual scavenger girls and women in Madhya Pradesh. Udan is preventing the girls from caste based forced prostitution and slavery among Bediya and Bachada communities and manual scavenger communities of Madhya Pradesh and Rajashthan. Udan determined to work and address the issues of child sexual slavery within the context of traditional form of caste based slavery. Moreover, for last three years, Udan has effectively working with more than 3000 girls engaged into forced prostitution and manual scavenging. To illustrate the situation of victims within Bediya and Bachada community adolescent girls are forced into inter-generational prostitution.

Udan organization is led by Dalit women and girls with specific objectives to put an end the practice of caste based prostitution and slavery of manual scavenging. Being a survivor focused organization, girls and women are active participant in decision making process. They are running fellowship program for girls to ensure their active participation in the organization. Udan strive to engage with girls and bringing them out from the caste servitude and promoting quality education, better health services and social protection and importantly tackling discrimination and stigma against these girls in order to encourage them to follow their dreams as other girls do.  

Udan is working for empowerment of women and girls from the most excluded groups like manual scavenging community, bonded laboure families, women and girl engaged in caste based prostitution in Neemuch and Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. These socially deprived groups face numerous challenges and endure stigma due to engagement in indecent and inhuman livelihood practices such as manual scavenging and prostitution. Traditionally, Indian society has compelled specific caste communities to perform demeaning duties and tasks likewise Bedia and Banchhara community in Neemuch and Mandsaur districts are forced into generational caste based sex work. While, other Dalit communities are vulnerable to debt-bondage and in the practice of manual scavenging. Therefore, Uddan is categorically working with women and girls from such deprived and socially excluded groups for protecting and promoting human rights.

UDAN's Objective




1. To empower girls and women engaged in caste based sex work, manual scavenging and debt bondage.
2. To abolish caste and gender based slavery among girls and women of Bediya and Bachada community and caste based forced labour i.e. practice of manual scavenging and bonded labour system.
3. To prevent sexual violence and ensure justice to rape survivors.

“To create a society based on the principles of equality and social justice by empowering Girls and Women from most excluded communities”.

Eliminate inhuman caste and gender based slavery and related practices in order to protect and promote human rights of the socially excluded communities especially Dalit communities forced in to manual scavenging, sex work and debt-bondage.