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Bachada Community Welfare

Bachada community: The socially deprived groups face numerous challenges and endure stigma due to engagement in indecent and inhuman livelihood practices such as manual scavenging and prostitution. Traditionally, Indian society has compelled specific caste communities to perform demeaning duties and tasks likewise Bedia and Banchhara community in Neemuch and Mandsaur districts are forced into generational caste based sex work. The girls from these community are kept away from education and are into caste based sex work at a very early age. Udan here aims at educating the girls with the help of dignity center to have access to formal education system, awareness on the constitutional rights and thus being empowered. Udan tries to connect the women who are into sex work with various livelihood and social security benefit options so that the women are empowered and are able to choose their course of life. Also, the sex workers are connected to pension programmes to have alternative source of income.

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