Udan Women Empowerment - Join To Strengthen Society


  1. To empower girls and women engaged in caste based sex work, manual scavenging and debt bondage.

  2. To abolish caste and gender based slavery among girls and women of Bediya and Bachada community and caste based forced labour i.e. practice of manual scavenging and bonded labour system.

  3. To prevent sexual violence and ensure justice to rape survivors.


“To create a society based on the principles of equality and social justice by empowering Girls and Women from most excluded communities”.


Eliminate inhuman caste and gender based slavery and related practices in order to protect and promote human rights of the socially excluded communities especially Dalit communities forced in to manual scavenging, sex work and debt-bondage. 


Women Empowerment Society

  • Udan is working for empowerment of women and girls from the most excluded groups like manual scavenging community. 

  •  Abolish caste based prostitution among Bediya and Bachada community.

  • Uddan is categorically working with women and girls from such deprived and socially excluded groups for protecting and promoting human rights.

Story of Struggle and Courage

Ms. Lali bai, former manual scavengers, for more than a decade she is leading the RGA at state and national level. Lali bai hails from the Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh and relentlessly worked for total elimination of the castebased practice of manual scavenging and discrimination against Dalit community. Importantly, she took up issues land right, education and women empowerment. As part of the campaign, Lali bai and other activist of where she fought several cases specific Dalit community called Bediya and Bachada is traditionally engaged in prostitution and entertainment acts. As part of the campaign, she organized several rallies, foot marches, community programmes for encouraging women manual scavenger to quit the practice.